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What is the difference between crack and cocaine?

Questions > Category: Substance Abuse > What is the difference between crack and cocaine?
Asked: 2017-11-28 11:37:10

So a while back I was browsing through google to find the difference chemically between cocaine and crack. I didn’t come across much except for freebasing crack-cocaine. I'm still confused on the matter what is the difference.


Answered: 2017-11-28 21:26:59

From what I understand is that the hard cocaine substance is known as crack and the soft snort-able stuff is regular cocaine.

Answered: 2017-11-29 22:38:26

Crack cocaine is just a cheaper form of real cocaine. It is made generally by mixing the drug with baking soda. Crack takes the form of a rock-like substance while cocaine is powder. That is all I know.

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