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Can you be forced into rehab?

Questions > Category: Rehab > Can you be forced into rehab?
Asked: 2018-07-01 10:36:28

I recently discovered that my girlfriend has been struggling with a heroin addiction. Her life is falling apart and she is at risk of losing everything, including custody of her 4 year old daughter. I would like to stage an Intervention with the end goal being that she would be admitted into a rehabilitation facility to undergo treatment. If she does not agree to go into treatment willingly is it possible to force her without her consent?


Answered: 2018-07-02 17:44:06

Hi there, I would love to give a very straight forward cut and dry response but It varies state by state and there are many aspects involved in a decision like this. In the most general broad scope of things her age(If she is a minor) and her mental state of mind(Is she a danger to herself or others) are two factors that could help to have her committed against her will. First off if she is a minor her parental guardian could have her admitted against her will in most states. Secondly if she is a danger to herself or others she could be admitted to a mental institution against her consent and held for a brief period of time for evaluation however this would not be an admission into a rehab facility so it would probably not be an ideal outcome if rehab is the goal. Hope this helps!

Answered: 2018-07-02 08:48:50

The best thing you could do in your situation is to contact a local rehabilitation facility and ask them what your options are. Because a local Rehab probably deals with this sort of situation on a regular basis in your specific location I am sure that they would be able to give you a more accurate summation of what can and cannot be done without consent.

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