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Can you be addicted to cocaine?

Questions > Category: Addiction > Can you be addicted to cocaine?
Asked: 2018-09-21 11:07:50

My friends and I have been doing cocaine on the weekend's almost every weekend for the past several months. I find myself looking forward to the weekends more and more lately just so that I can party and do cocaine again. I am worried that I may have a problem controlling my drug use. Is it possible to be addicted to cocaine?


Answered: 2018-09-22 03:00:54

"Crackheads" are people who are addicted to "Crack Cocaine" I think that that alone should be self explanatory and speak to the addictive qualities of this drug.

Answered: 2018-09-21 15:11:39

Yes, cocaine just like any other street drug does carry the potential risk of addiction

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